selling with us

The role of today’s agent.

Many home sellers tell me that they struggle to understand and justify the commission and advertising costs they must pay to sell their home. I agree. 

My view is that you still need an experienced sales agent. You also need an agent that is focused and committed to not just marketing your home but securing for you the best possible price.

What’s that worth? The key is to not listen to the hype but do your own research. Whether the agency is a large franchise or a small independent the reality is, it’s about the AGENT not the agency. When it comes to the marketing and sale of your home in today’s real estate landscape, size does not matter.

So, you’ve decided to sell? Time to choose an agent.

If you invite me into your home, at the start I will:  

  • Provide you with detailed information about the market and comparable sales in your suburb 

  • Discuss with you the potential value of your home in the current market 

  • Provide advice and guidance in preparing the property for sale 

  • How/where the property will be advertised

  • Your potential target market

If you decide that I am the agent you would like to appoint to market and sell your home this is what I will do. 

Preliminary Steps:  

  • Organise the photographer 

  • Signboard 

  • Review agency database for any potential buyers that have missed out on similar properties 

  • Go live across property websites and social media platforms to ensure maximum exposure for your home 

Buyer Inspects

Inspection By Appointment

  • Are they serious

  • What’s their level of interest in your home 

  • Are they in a position to buy (qualified/pre-approved) 

  • Do they have a home to sell 

Also provides the opportunity to talk in detail about the home with the buyer and give feedback to you the owner.

Open Homes

  • Open homes can be very valuable where the level of interest in a suburb is high, as it creates a sense of competition. 

  • The first few days of any marketing campaign prior to an open home will determine the expected level of interest. 

  • The downside of open homes are many are ‘just looking’, ‘doing their research’.  Sometimes it also means lost opportunity to engage with a serious buyer as your time is being monopolised by someone who has no intention of buying. 

  • Open homes are not for everyone or every property and that’s ok. 


  • Anyone can sell a home but a skilled and experienced agent works hard to secure you the best possible price

  • You’ll find that many independent agents like me work hard to get you a great result. Why? Because a lot of the properties we sell come from referrals. Happy clients who are even happier to recommend us

Let’s sidetrack just for a moment and talk about fee structures…. 

  • Many agents will state that working on a percentage guarantees you that they will work harder to get you the best possible price. Their reasoning is more for you, also means more for them. Let’s look at that a bit closer….. 

  • Your agent negotiates a contract price of $400,000 at a rate of 3% including GST. That’s $12,000 for the agent/agency. Let’s say the contract price is $380,000. For you that’s a loss of $20,000. For the agent/agency the commission is now $11,400. $600 v $20,000? 

So back to it……The Contract.  

  • The contract of sale is prepared once the terms and conditions have been agreed. Both buyers and sellers sign the contract and the excitement and stress begins. 

  • The contract is emailed to your solicitor or conveyancer who is there to guide and advise you through the legal process

Finally, and most important.

Take the time to do your own research. You are selling what is probably your most significant asset… is a great place to start. You can….  

  • Check out an agent’s online reviews

  • Look at the agent’s number of sales and their median selling price 

  • Number of days on market and compare agents

You should also

  • Ask friends who have sold. How was their overall experience with the agent they engaged? 

  • Remember it’s OK to interview your agent. Ask lots of questions. You need to be comfortable you’ve made the right decision